VoIP Predictive Dialer

VoIP predictive dialer is an automatic computerized based system that helps you in connecting prospects to agents while you are making calls off the contact list. This dialer has a huge inventory of outbound lines and dialed phone lines on the basis of availability of an agent. This helps you organize your calls by working in contrast to manual dialing and by helping you skip numbers that are not valid or are out of contact. This software works on the availability of phone lines by evaluating the number of users available and the phone lines that can be made calls to and make sure that no agent stays out of work at a given time and are connected at some calls. This helps call centers to keep a mathematical record and compete and succeed in the field.

This software panel consists of an auto-dialing system that connects to multiple numbers of agents, has more outbound lines to make the maximum number of calls, and predicts the availability of telemarketer and therefore making calls on the pattern of availability. Its convenience in use helps call center agents to make the best use of it and brings huge amounts of productivity and revenue. This software helps you make better sales by helping you make maximum leads which in return end at maximum customer relationships.

This kind of predictive dialer is a step ahead in the otherwise available number of auto dialers; it uses algorithms to keep a statistical report of all the calls and their times made in a particular time. In addition, this software has an extra feature of prediction of next available agent on the call line often resulting in connecting you to a number of potential customers. The basic aim in the making of this technology was to make use of time to a maximum extent and to increase sales.

Predictive dialers have generally three types available in the market:

. VoIP predictive dialers
. Hosted predictive dialers
. Web-based predictive dialers

All these dialers use the internet for their working, have algorithms to keep a record of statistics and come with an ability to blend in well with the different time zones and blending of the call. There are other features in a VoIP predictive dialer that lets you save ‘do not call lists’ and make sure to avoid those numbers in the future process of call making. The main objective of a VoIP predictive dialer is to connect an agent to a potential customer as soon as the last call drops without wasting any time.

Using VoIP predictive dialer in your business can result in increased productivity. If your business is about calling customers and your computer is loaded with the number of phone calls, this dialer helps you manage calls and divide your workload. VoIP predictive dialer often increases and decreases the number of calls by evaluating the statistics of the calls, which is continuously collected by this dialer.